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Looking for a way to save money and use a recycled product? Used/recycled pallets may be your answer.

Remanufactured and Recycled Pallets

We have a large stock of recycled and remanufactured pallets for immediate delivery. Some of our standard sizes include:

  • 36x36
  • 36x42
  • 40x40
  • 40x48
  • 42x42
  • 44x44
  • 48x42
  • 48x44
  • 48x40 GMA#1
  • 48x40 #2 4way
  • 48x48

This is not a complete list - only the most requested sizes. If you have a need for another size, please contact us to see what we can deliver to you.

More Than Just Pallets

  • Gaylord Boxes - We have available for immediate delivery an inventory of reclaimed gaylord boxes.
  • Pallet Disposal Service - We pick up your scrap pallets and haul them away at no charge to you. Depending on the size and quality of the pallets, we then pay a core fee for those that can be repaired and recycled for resale.
  • Trailer Spotting - Depending on the volume of pallets you purchase or dispose of, we also offer trailers to be spotted at your location at no additional charge. This often helps free up valuable warehouse space.
Trailer Spotting | Howard Lake, MN | General Pallet Inc | 320-963-6653

For more information about Gaylord boxes, call or visit 701 County Road 7 SW


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